October 2015

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Beautiful photo by Steele Photography

I know, I have some explaining to do! After our midnight eloping in Las Vegas 5 years ago, we finally got to have the wedding of our dreams and it was SO much more than I ever could have hoped for. Nearly 2 months later, here I am, still dreaming about the day.

I’d like to blog again. And I understand your skepticism after my multiple absences. But I’ll tell you all that life is good. Dan moved back to the US in late March and we got a house near both our work. We have our 2 darling cats and 2 darling room mates. We went to NY for my 30th birthday in June, and celebrated 4th of July how I’d dreamt of for years- a lazy bbq with good friends in the backyard. August brought our wedding complete with the most incredible bachelorette party for me. And September, I took Dan on his first ever camping trip to beautiful Lake Quinault.

I’m still working at my local gym, and still nannying part time, though this year I’m with a new family! I have some races on my docket I’m currently training for- Rock n Roll Vancouver 10k and half marathon, and then 2 half marathons in one day- the Avengers half marathon at Disneyland, after which we’ll drive to Vegas and run the Rock and Roll Las Vegas half marathon.

Life is just really great lately.

The Day(s) He Left

Oh Dan. You are my world.
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The first time he took me skiing in Niigata, Japan, January 2013

I don’t even know what to say. Dan is in the process of moving back to the US, and we’ll live together again. Words can’t express my joy. We haven’t lived together since December 2013, and we haven’t lived together in the States since July 2010. It seems like another world, to think back to those times.
 photo 17457_408657620326_3193247_n.jpg
Christmas 2009, our first xmas together, at our awesome house in Redmond with our beloved roomies Kelsey, Stephen and Amber. Good times happened in that house!

Next week Dan and I will celebrate 6 years since we started dating. It’s crazy to think what all has happened in those 6 years- ups, downs, moves, international moves, best days of our lives, worst days of our lives, vacations, deaths, jobs, disagreements, love.
 photo 1910320_614337959838_7972811_n.jpg
July 2009- the first time he took me to Japan. I had no idea a year and a half later I’d call Tokyo home

Dan and I have spent a lot of time apart in our relationship- actually the majority of our relationship- but the 2 days that hurt the most were the day he moved to Japan in September 2010 and when I moved back to the States January 2014.

When Dan moved to Japan, life was so chaotic. I had just lost my job as an event coordinator for an HVAC company, and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Nothing was making sense. Throwing in my boyfriend’s international move sent me into basically a quarter life crisis. I moved to Portland to be with my mother during treatment, missing my last two months with Dan before his big move. I call this the end of Living Together 1.0. I think we were thinking about breaking up; we had only been dating about a year and a half at this point and he had no return date in mind. So naturally we ran away to Vegas and eloped.
 photo 44639_700766181988_5800393_n.jpg
His last weekend in Seattle, I was with him til he left for the airport. As I watched him pack up his life, I felt like I was losing air. We had absolutely no plan of staying together, when we’d see each other again, when we’d live together again. It was all a big scary unknown. I tried to stay up all night- something Dan is way better at than I am- but around 5:30am I conked out on the couch with Penny. I woke up to his kiss good bye. And he was gone. And I was so sad. And it was a dark time where I wanted to be strong for my mother and all the scary things she was going through, and I wanted to be her support system, but I was scared for her too and I was now constantly calculating time zones in my head as to when I can catch Dan for a chat. The long distance life (dubbed Long Distance 1.0) had a rough start.
 photo 33858_710753357608_3678525_n.jpg
I didn’t know I could be so excited to Skype with someone

So as I’ve mentioned, Dan moving to Japan created a great unknown. But in time the unknown developed into a plan to live together again, as soon as possible. The only way that would happen would be if I moved to Tokyo. So I did in March 2011, thus launching Living Together 2.0!
 photo 156139_730014558008_5610747_n.jpg
Reunited at the airport

We lived together in Japan for about 3 years, but Japan was always Dan’s dream, not mine. I enjoyed my time there but decided that I miss my family, my friends and wanted to work and speak English 😉 The day I left Japan didn’t feel like a very big deal- Dan was coming with me because we were running the Disney World marathon together, so it just felt like another vacation.
 photo 1545060_10100973462704928_1425019472_n_1.jpg
The day I left Tokyo. Little did I know I was going to get miserably sick over the next 24 hours.

Oh yes, Dan and I had 2 weeks of vacation together before going back to being a long-distance couple again. And I was miserably sick the whole time. We were at Disney World and I didn’t want to go to the parks. We were with friends we never get to see and I couldn’t bring myself to get out of the hotel bed. We were in California and I couldn’t eat In-N-Out! I was so sad I was sick and ruining our final moments together.

The day he left I probably wasn’t as sad as when he moved to Japan in 2010, but I was still pretty devastated. We went all out for our California trip and were staying at the Grand Californian. He had a flight to catch back to Japan, and my mother who was living locally at the time was coming to pick me up. I pulled my sick body out of bed and we hugged and kissed good bye. We knew we wouldn’t be apart for more than a year or two, but again, I had that feeling like i was losing air, that big chance was uncontrollably happening and uncertainty was clouding everything. He gathered his luggage, one last kiss, and was gone. I sat on the hotel bed and cried. I didn’t know why we did this. I didn’t like being apart from him. I gathered up my numerous suitcases and duffels, dried my tears and met my mother out front of the lobby. Long distance 2.0 had just kicked off.

That day I spent time with my mom and got a car that I’d drive back up to Seattle. I couldn’t believe Dan was out of my life again (physically). But life goes on. Dan is a huge part of my life, but he isn’t my life. So, I picked up and kept moving forward. The beginning, as usual, was hard. There’s no one to come home to. There’s no one to share my day with. No one to bitch to about Kevin in Accounting (ok, there’s no Kevin, but you get my point). The other battle was the fact that I’d become so incredibly dependent on him. Getting my life up and running again was a struggle, frustrating and I made a lot of mistakes. The things that seemed like everyone did were so confusing to me- car registration, change of address, job hunting, I was in the process of changing my name as well, and that made things even more difficult. But as usual I got into a new groove- I was nannying, taking care of business, running again and enjoying living with Kelsey. But I still spent a lot of time missing him so much. We adapted to the distance but never got used to it. Even in just his few years in Japan, technology improved, giving us the ability to Facetime and talk almost any time. But still. He wasn’t here. And I missed him.
 photo 1901778_10101004089743098_2097234071_n.jpg
The last photo we took together before Long Distance 2.0

Life took shape more and more for me, and I found myself waiting for him less and living more. I got a job at a gym and started nannying more. I reached out to friends more. Having a life definitely helped the time pass but still, it was a long 4 month stretch before I got to see him next. When I did, it was nothing but fireworks. I felt complete again.
 photo 10646932_10101272013157428_7419838745194262706_n.jpg

There’ve been a couple more visits since then. But it’s now 2015, and almost 4 and a half years ago was when we started this crazy long distance adventure. When we eloped we promised to never stand in the way of each other’s dreams, and always be there for each other. I’m so glad I was there for him during his Japan adventure. And I’m so excited to say he will be moving back to Seattle in the next month or two. And let’s be real, excited doesn’t even cover it! He’ll be here tomorrow for a brief 4 day trip to interview for new positions at his company and we will hopefully secure a house for us. It all feels so unreal. I can’t believe the time has come.

As I’m working graveyard, I don’t have much to do, so I calculated how much time we’ve spent together and apart. It pretty much looks like this:
Time together living in Seattle- 1 year 3 months
Time together living in Japan, minus my visits back home- 2 years 2 months
Time living/ being apart- 2 years 6 months

Wow. It’s just all been such an adventure. I can’t wait for the next chapter- Living together 3.0.

2014 Wrap Up

Well, I’ve officially had my longest blogging hiatus of 3 months. Whoops! I’d like to get back to blogging regularly. For most of the fall I was working 7 days/ week and felt like I had no free time. The few hours I had at home before bed were just to shower and get ready for the next day. My free time on weekends were to get errands done and volunteer. After a visit back to Tokyo to see Dan I realized i just wasn’t loving life. So I told my boss at the gym I needed a weekend day off, and I told the lady I nanny for I can’t work past 8-9pm anymore. And with a heavy heart, I recently quit volunteering at the cat shelter 🙁 But I also moved much closer to work (more on that later), cutting my commute from an hour and 10 minutes to 10 minutes. It’s closer to nannying too, and I can definitely tell I have more free time thanks to the new location. Anyways! Before I start blogging present day, let’s close the door on 2014 in a blur of photos:
My belovedest bestie Kelsey and I took E, the girl I nanny (Kelsey also used to be her nanny!) for a weekend in Portland to go shopping and see a Sam Smith concert.
 photo IMG_3621.jpg
My coworkers, Tyler and Allie, and I decided we needed to do a weekly brunch. This lasted for precisely one week.
 photo IMG_3704.jpg
I went back to Tokyo and was reunited with Dan and Penny <3  photo 10678580_10152395098652218_7707835707753384836_n.jpg
I also hosted a wildly successful twerkshop and you will be seeing/ hearing more about this in the near future
 photo IMG_3752.jpg
Did I mention I got to snuggle Penny again?
 photo IMG_3735.jpg
Came back from Japan and got on track with Goofy Challenge training
 photo IMG_4295.jpg
But… I’ve kinda started cheating on my love of running with weight lifting. It’s what I spent most my personal training time doing and have started working out with coworkers, which is sometimes a lot more fun than running. In the cold. And sometimes rain. Alone. You know how it goes. Shawn and I got our lift on one day.
 photo IMG_4584.jpg
We adopted another cat! This will also get an entry of its own at some point. Meet Guinness, whom I’ve blogged about in the past as Kaboodles the shelter cat
 photo IMG_3885.jpg
I worked a ton of graveyard shifts in October and November
 photo IMG_4456.jpg
Kelsey and I hit the pumpkin patch
 photo IMG_3945.jpg
Took a trip to Portland to see my sister, her family, and my mom. Love picking Melissa and Vanessa up from school, reminds me of the old days!
 photo IMG_4137.jpg
And of course sweet Nate <3  photo IMG_4210.jpg
As usual I ate sushi as often as possible
 photo IMG_4300.jpg
Bonded with baby London, my friends Stephen and Emily’s son
 photo IMG_4825.jpg
Kelsey finished her last fall term of college ever!
 photo IMG_4698.jpg
I started boxing weekly
 photo IMG_4397.jpg
Spent Christmas with this cutie!
 photo IMG_5011.jpg
More niecey-nephew goodness
 photo IMG_4169.jpg
Got my ho ho ho on with coworkers
 photo IMG_4862.jpg
Kelsey and I got matching pajamas because we’re awesome
 photo IMG_5137.jpg
I was put in charge of breakfast for the house one morning, so naturally I told everyone to go wash up and get ready… then ran out to Top Pot Donuts
 photo IMG_5148.jpg
Dan and I finally got wedding bands after 4 years of marriage
 photo IMG_5056.jpg
Speaking of Dan, his product released and that was exciting to see at Microsoft stores
 photo IMG_5126.jpg
Allie and I rang in the new year in sequins. I unfortunately had to work the next day 🙁
 photo IMG_5118.jpg
New obsession- squats.
 photo IMG_5052.jpg

Hope everyone’s 2015 is off to a fabulous start! You haven’t seen the last of me. Promise.

Once upon a time, Dan’s Aunt Brenda gardened some zucchini and went out of town for a few weeks. When she returned, they were absolutely HUGE.
 photo IMG_3320.jpg
At Dan’s family reunion, Aunt Brenda gifted us a zucchini.
 photo IMG_3332.jpg
As I was on crutches at the time, Dan’s father carried it to the car for me.
 photo IMG_3335.jpg
I brought the zucchini home to Seattle where Kelsey laid eyes on it and loved it immediately.
 photo IMG_3347.jpg
A few days went by, then Kelsey and I knew we needed to act soon to preserve or use it before it went bad.

To the food processor!
 photo IMG_3478.jpg
It was so big we had to core it. Have you ever cored a zucchini?
 photo IMG_3483.jpg

Shredding, shredding, shredding away
 photo IMG_3481.jpg
Since it was too wide, we had to cut it into smaller chunks for the food processor
 photo IMG_3479.jpg
We bagged 3 cups at a time
 photo IMG_3482.jpg
I believe our zucchini yielded about 24 cups
 photo IMG_3484.jpg
And Kelsey made delicious zucchini bread
 photo IMG_3573.jpg

The end!

Beat the Blerch 10k

On Saturday, September 20th, Kelsey and I ran the Beat the Blerch 10k in Carnation, Washington. It was an inaugural race put on by Matt Inman, recreational runner and creator of the web comic The Oatmeal. This was a race we signed up for back in May, and it was really exciting because it was Kelsey’s first 10k! We’ve run a few 5ks before but I was really excited for her because she trained all summer.

My training, of course, was halted in late August after a bad fall, and I wasn’t planning on doing this 10k. Like all the other races I had to sit out, it was pretty disappointing. As we got closer and closer to race day, I was questioning if i could potentially participate. I had been in my boot for about a month. I had recently visited an orthopedic surgeon and he said I could slowly resume activities. I’m sure he didn’t mean wake up and run a 10k, but surely I could walk it?

All it really took was Kelsey bringing our swag bags with our bibs and participant shirts home for me to decide I was in. I know, I’m ridiculous. But it’s a really nice quarter-zip pullover!

Kelsey and I, along with her boyfriend Jim, arrived to the race site bright and early. I was planning on walking the 10k. This was going to be a silly fun run- the race was billed as having water stops, cake stops, Nutella stops, and couches for a rest. Also guys in giant blown up suits that chase you. Fun!
Saying bye to Jim before we’re off!
 photo IMG_3507-1.jpg

Kelsey was a few corrals ahead of me, as she was hoping to run the whole thing and even if I was running, is a lot faster than I am. I think she was in the 8 minute mile corrals? I stayed back and on the right hand side so people could easily pass me.

Of course, once that starting gun went off for my corral, I got caught up in the moment and ran a bit. I felt weak and shaky in my ankle. But it felt good to run! I alternated running and walking. In hindsight I should have walked more, but I did ok.
It was a beautiful trail run!
 photo 10384896_10101304270219018_8903676298424892986_n.jpg

At some point Kelsey finished and text me. She had an awesome time! I was so proud of her, and that she had a good first 10k. I pressed on and finally made it to the finish. I wasn’t even in too bad of shape! Ankle was a bit swollen and I felt out of shape, but other than that I felt good.

It was then Kelsey shared her big news- she WON her age group!!
 photo IMG_3518.jpg
AHHH YAY! I was so excited for her! I was super bummed i missed the awards ceremony though. In the mean time, I joined them in line, where we waited to meet Matt Inman and have him sign our books.
 photo IMG_3517.jpg
He left a note saying he can’t pose for pictures, but you could take pictures of him
 photo IMG_3527.jpg

We met him briefly and got our books signed. I was trying to explain to him about my running group, Hash House Harriers, but he seemed pretty uninterested 😉
 photo IMG_3538-1.jpg

After that we later reunited with Jim photo IMG_3541.jpg

We then headed back home, stopping at our favorite burrito place. I really hope Kelsey keeps running. It’s awesome she’s so good at it and I love having another thing we can do together, especially while Dan’s gone and I have no one to go to races with!

Shall we jump back to the last week of August and revisit the Disneyland half marathon?

I went from being so incredibly excited to go to Disneyland, run the half and 10k, to worrying how I was going to get around on crutches. After ample Googling, I realized I’ll need to rent a wheelchair.

My travel day went ok. I requested wheelchair service, so when I checked in, a lady came to meet me with a chair, wheeled me through security and to my gate. My plane was relatively empty which was nice. I landed and my lovely girl friends Dee and Meghan picked me up, then we were off to the expo! I really wanted a pair of Goofy New Balance shoes, so I got a pair for myself and for Dan!
 photo IMG_2939.jpg
Dee and Meghan were seriously awesome. Dee pushed my wheelchair, and Meghan carried all my things. I called her my walking purse 😉
 photo IMG_2891.jpg
We then spent the day at Disneyland! We met up with some other runner friends and ride hopped, which was nice having minimal wait time thanks to my chair.
 photo IMG_2897-1.jpg

Before long the group headed to California Adventure, and I met up with the amazing Matt and Holly! You may remember them from 1- my Goofy Challenge blog post, 2- my Princess half blog post, or 3- the fact that they are total badass and WON the military division of the Expedition Everest Challenge.
Matt was totally amazing and put his Army training to use and pushed my wheelchair for hours. As I learned this trip, pushing a wheelchair isn’t the easiest thing to do!
 photo IMG_2910.jpg

Matt, Holly and I went out to dinner, anxiously awaiting Dan’s arrival. And finally the time had come, after 4 months we were reunited!
 photo IMG_2983.jpg

Oh I was so happy! The 4 of us went out for a quick drink and snack since Dan was hungry, then we went our separate ways to hit the hay.
 photo IMG_2922.jpg

The next day was the 10k, so Dan and I laid low so he wouldn’t be too tired for the half the next day. Stopped by the expo to get his bib and saw my lovely friend Pam from Wife Mother Runner!
 photo IMG_2931.jpg
As I said, it was a really mellow day. Dan and I grabbed lunch with his parents, and laid low at the hotel, relaxing and making signs to cheer runners on the next day.

It was half marathon day! I met my friend Dee with our signs and we picked a spot at mile 12 to camp out at. It didn’t take long before the runners started coming! Meanwhile Dan’s dad sent me a photo of Dan as he ran down Main Street inside Disneyland:
 photo IMG_2942.png

Cheering was fun and gave so many people a boost, I want to cheer at races more often!
 photo IMG_2949.jpg

In the end Dan finished so quick he had time to come cheer w me! So that was fun. I saw Dan’s stepmom’s niece pass me in her pretty red tutu, and then we saw Dan’s stepmom Ann pass us! She looked strong so I knew she’d have a good finish.
Everyone at the finish!
Dan, Ann’s niece Liz, Dan’s stepmom Ann, his dad Bob, Ann’s sister Sue and her son Jeff
 photo IMG_2964.jpg

Such a great day! I was so proud of everyone. If I can whine for just a moment, I was pretty jealous. I trained all summer for this race weekend and it was hard to sit on the sideline. Hard to see everyone walking around in the well earned race tees and medals. But life goes on and I know I’ll run so many more races.

Another mellow afternoon following the race. It was nice to just relax. We spent the following day at California Adventure. A lot of people had already left town, so it was nice to have a day to just myself and Dan. Tuesday was our travel day, so we started the day with some coffee and breakfast from Starbucks. While many shops are ADA accessible, they are all packed and it was just easier to leave me outside most the time 😉
 photo IMG_2973.jpg

Once Dan came back outside with coffee, we ran into our friends Rick and Sher! We chatted with them for about 20 minutes which was great, because i hadn’t seen him all weekend.
 photo IMG_2977.jpg

Soon after, it was time to pack up, return my wheelchair and head home. I thought i’d be so fun to ride in a wheelchair at Disneyland- but it’s so stressful! You have no control over where you go or how fast because someone is pushing you, and you constantly think you’ll nip someone’s ankles! Difficult to weave through crowds too. I’m so happy to be healthy and able bodied (most the time 😉 ).

Runner Down!

I really dislike blogging non sequentially, but my foot injury has taken a high priority in my life towards the end of summer and into fall.

I work front desk sometimes at the gym 5:45am-1pm. I actually love it- I’m up early, cheery, I have friendly regulars, and finishing at 1pm lets me do other things with my day (usually just go to nanny E). I leave for work a little after 5am- when it’s still dark out. I rarely remember to turn on my porch light, which leaves me clamoring down my front steps in the dark. Stupid? Yes.

So on a Friday morning as I was leaving for work, I made it down 4 of my 6 porch steps, and I don’t know what happened next, but I stumbled and fell to the ground at the bottom of the stairs. The pain I felt in my ankle and foot was so intense I couldn’t get up for a few minutes. I had fallen and rolled my ankle badly. I didn’t know what to do. Who can you talk to at 5am? It was 9pm in Tokyo and I tried calling Dan, but he was hosting our running club. I debated calling Kelsey or even my boss but I hate waking people up. There was no one at the gym. So after a few minutes I managed to get on my feet, and clinging to a retainer wall hobbled to my car.

Dan called me back and I told him I didn’t think I’d make it through the day. I got to work and felt a little better til I started walking- it was pretty tough to bear weight on. All I could really think about was the Disneyland Half Marathon the following weekend… I’d be able to run that, right?

My ankle didn’t look too injured. Just a little swollen. Personal trainers took a look at it and just advised I start RICE care. By some miracle, I did make it through the day. I came home and iced and elevated my foot. The next morning, I actually felt ok. And then I stood up and fell back onto my bed. My ankle had stiffened up over night and I couldn’t even move it. I (quite literally) crawled to the bathroom to get ready. Once again it was 5am and no one to call. I decided I was going to go to the doctor as soon as I could.

Got to work and took it easy. The sweet graveyard employee brought over a chair for me to sit on. My front desk coworker came in at 9 and I told her I might leave soon. She said no problem because she’s awesome like that. I made it through a couple more hours, but I was growing more irritable as my foot pain continued. The final straw was after my lunch, when I went to use the restroom (we have an unofficial employee bathroom with toilet and shower), and someone had recently showed and the floor was wet, and I slipped and fell flat on my back. No aggravation to my ankle but it knocked the wind out of me and my back was soaked. I said I was going to the doctor and everyone supported that, so I headed out.

In case we didn’t learn from that time I needed stitches in my hand, I really hate hospitals. I’m convinced that no matter what I’m there for, they will take me into surgery and I’ll never wake up. Or I’ll run into a dead body. Either or. I went by myself to an urgent care facility and boring story short, I tore ligaments in my ankle and foot, and left in an air boot and crutches. I only had to use the crutches for a week or two, but the air boot had to stay on for 6-8 weeks. I lamely asked about the half marathon the following weekend and was pretty much laughed at in the face. I crutched out and made it home where I slept amazingly.
Behold, the boot
 photo IMG_2842.jpg
The next day I attended a funeral and had another full day of work, and my ankle was finally feeling better. It was still incredibly swollen and tender, but in felt ok in the boot. I’ve had my boot for 4.5 weeks now, and my ankle is slowly but steadily improving. I’m pretty close to having full mobility back, and after visiting an orthopedic surgeon I have physical therapy exercises to do. My biggest concern is getting back on the running trails to prepare for Goofy in 2015. I’ve even hired 2 personal trainers to help me out. If it kills me, I’ll be at that starting line!

A Belated Summer Wrap-Up

I know, I’m the worst with blogging these days. I last left off with a late July post on my experience at the Rock n Roll Chicago half marathon. For now here’s a photo post on the last bit of my summer!

Kelsey turned 27! We had dinner at Roux to celebrate
 photo IMG_2605.jpg

After we went to Hello Robin for ice cream. I got some cookies to take home 😉
 photo IMG_2619.jpg

Thomas and I decided to run two races in one day- the Ladybug 5k and the Crawfish Crawl half marathon. We’ve had better ideas.
 photo IMG_2673.jpg

My friends Stephen and Emily had a baby in June (the day before my bday!) and I’ve enjoyed kicking it with Mr. London this summer.
 photo IMG_2844.jpg

Kelsey got addicted to Gossip Girl and I watch a lot of tv with her. Like…. a lot.
 photo IMG_2827.jpg

Kelsey and I ran all up and down the rail trail that is Sammamish River Trail. This was my last successful run before injury (more on that later), a fantastic 10-miler on a hot day.
 photo IMG_2828.jpg

I’ll end on this note- After 4 months Dan and I were reunited as night fell upon New Orleans Square in Disneyland. We went to Disneyland? There’s a big aircast on my foot?! More later!
 photo IMG_2971.jpg


So, this definitely happened over a month ago. I want to keep blogging, and also in chronological order, so here’s hoping I can keep doing that! I’ve been working a bunch lately and will resume nannying in a couple weeks. Oh, did I forget to mention I got another job? I work at 24 Hour Fitness now at the front desk and in kids activities. I’ve been there for about a month and a half and really like it. In fact, my first day was the day before I left for Chicago to run the Rock n Roll Chicago half marathon!

I got up and out to the airport for a 6am flight, which I always hate. Landed nice and early into Chicago and met up with my fabulous runner friend from Florida, Dee! We got rail passes and headed to our hotel downtown, then went to the expo. Everyone knows I love a good race expo!
 photo IMG_2385.jpg

We booth hopped and checked everything out, and for the first time ever I saw a KT Tape booth with no line. I’ve never used KT Tape before, but my plantar fasciitis had been flaring up, so I decided to give it a try.

Behold, my ridiculously taped foot!
 photo IMG_2400.jpg

We made it back to the hotel to drop off stuff and wandered around a bit more. Then had deep dish for dinner. When in Chicago, m i rite?!
 photo IMG_2393.jpg

We were super busy tourists Saturday. Lots more walking around. Museums, shops, waterfront, parks, Cloud Gate. Here’s a mishmash of photos from the day!
 photo IMG_2408.jpg
 photo IMG_2438.jpg
 photo IMG_2427.jpg

We did our best to try to get to bed early. We had a good dinner at a vegan restaurant Dee had chosen and went back to the hotel to rest our feet! I let gravity take some tension off as we tried some Chicago popcorn.
 photo IMG_2390.jpg

And as per tradition, I laid out my race clothes the night before!
 photo IMG_2465.jpg

The next day Dee was up and out the door before I got up, to go help volunteer since she couldn’t run. I got up and dressed and naturally took a selfie
 photo IMG_2469.jpg

The race was just a few blocks from the hotel so I took my time getting ready. My energy level at the Seattle half marathon was perfect so I decided to mimic that hydration plan- 6oz water, a can of Full Throttle, and 16oz water with Nuun hydration plus energy. Got all that liquid down with breakfast and out the door I went.

I stopped by bag check to say hi to Dee and then jumped in my corral. It wasn’t long til the race started. Here’s where trouble started- my hydration plan for Seattle was great because I consumed all that liquid over a couple hours before the race, and used the bathroom right as I was starting. I just drank about 40oz of liquid and then stood in my corral for 40 minutes as the runners crossed the start. And sure enough, by the time my corral reached the start, I really had to pee.

The first mile wasn’t great because all I could think about was finding a bathroom. I cursed myself and my hydration plan. 1.3 miles in there was a portapotty with a line. I was desperate so I jumped out of the race and got in line. I was so mad. I watched thousands of runners pass me and my full bladder. I finally went and got back on the streets.

In the beginning, I tried to very slowly make up time. But with the line I was down 7-9 minutes and figured I couldn’t make it up. I ran on and on. My GPS was really spotty as we ran between skyscrapers. Finally at mile 10 I hit a water station and stopped and drank and walked. It was pretty hot and humid out. I was just so mad that everything got away from me that morning. I really wish I hadn’t given up then because I would have only been a few minutes away from my current PR. In any case, my lazy tail ran on and eventually I made it across the finish. Dee was there with my medal!
 photo d5883dd0-4d45-4345-b32c-6a7eb24034ed.png

While she finished volunteering I collected some hydration and laid in the grass nearby. It was only midnight in Japan so I got to facetime with Dan which made me happy. After a while of zoning out I went to check on Dee. She was wrapping up medals and then we went back to the hotel together. It’s the moment I almost dread- after most races I just want to take a nice clean nap, but have no desire to shower. I did though, and it felt so good to sleep!
 photo IMG_2505.jpg

I eventually got up and we hit the town again. Tried another restaurant, walked around more. We ended the day with an architecture tour from a boat which I really liked.
 photo IMG_2543.jpg

Another really good night of sleep happened!

And then we woke up Monday and had to pack up. We checked out and went wayyyy out of our way to see a Disney exhibit at a museum. We both loved it of course 😉
 photo IMG_2558.jpg

We headed to the airport and grabbed food, then parted ways. Her flight left at 4 and mine didn’t leave til 7. By the time I got back to Seattle, I was exhausted and had to resume my new job the next day. Worth it though! And another state checked off my running bucket list!

10,000 Steps

 photo ScreenShot2014-08-09at101354PM.png

So for the month of July, I set a goal for myself to walk 10,000 steps. I didn’t think it’d be as hard as it was! If anything, it has shown me what a sedentary lifestyle I live.

Some days I reached 10k steps with no problem. Usually on long run days. Other days, I would realize it was 8 or 9pm and that I’d only walked about 2,000-3,000 steps. Those were frustrating. I’d throw on shoes and walk around my neighborhood, or laps around my kitchen/ living room area.

I know my goal annoyed some. I was constantly pacing and trying to get extra steps in. One weekend, I went down to Portland to visit family, and as I was driving home I saw that I was only at 5,000 steps and that I wouldn’t be home til after midnight. I pulled off the highway and walked around a Walmart for 5,000 steps. I was dedicated!

Needing steps was great at work because if I was working with kids I was guaranteed to get my steps in, and if I was at the front desk I’d volunteer to do odd jobs around the gym to get more steps. July 31st came and I’d reached my goal. It felt good. I didn’t realize how sedentary I was even on short run days. I could go out and run 3, 4, 5 miles and not hit, or barely hit my goal for the day. Now it’s August and I don’t miss the stress of cramming steps in before bed (there indeed was a night I turned off my lights and got in bed, only to realized I had about 1,100 more steps to go), but the goal was fun. I’ll have to think of a new goal soon. In the meantime, I challenge people to walk a number of steps and see how sedentary they are!

By the way- that day I had nearly 43,000 steps was the day I ran the Rock n Roll Chicago half marathon and went sight seeing after. So many steps!

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